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With Super Bowl XLVI less than a week away, we thought we’d spark up our own little competition: The Android Bowl. This week, leading up to Sunday, we’re asking you to update your And Me Account with your current carrier and manufacturer allegiances. Joining a team is easy, just visit the Edit page and use the carrier and manufacturer dropdowns.

We’ve paired with @NVIDIAtegra to give you three chances to win a Transformer Prime. Along with the quad-core tablet, we’re tossing in the keyboard dock for some serious couch commando-ing.

At the end of the week, we’re going to tally all the user choices and post a breakdown of the current Android ballgame. We’ll name a top carrier and a top manufacturer based on your votes and user scores, and, probably most importantly, we’ll announce three winners who score a free Prime and dock from @NVIDIAtegra.

How to play

To participate in the Android Bowl is very simple. First, if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to register for an And Me Account. It’s free and takes about 15 seconds. Once you’ve logged in, hit the Edit Account page and select a carrier and manufacturer. For now, we’re only allowing one choice for each field. We know the hardcore among us may have multiple carriers or allegiances to lots of manufacturers, but for now we just want your primary choices.

Also, just like in real life, once you choose a carrier, you’ll be locked into that choice for a certain period of time. To keep things level, we’ve done the same for manufacturers. Eventually on the site we hope to use these settings to filter you guys into groups, so we don’t want everyone switching them around all willy nilly. Once you make a choice, you’ll have a grace period of a few minutes to revert, otherwise that choice will be locked in for about a month. Choose wisely!

In the screenshot above you’ll notice a pair of timers, which display how long you need to wait before you’ll be allowed to update your choices. If you play games, these regen timers might look familiar to you. Once it counts all the way down (displayed in proprietary And Me units of time, of course), you’ll again be able to change your choices.

To enter to win today, you’ll need to have at least your carrier set on your And Me Account. Once you’ve set your carrier, come back and leave a comment on this post to be entered to win. If you haven’t set a carrier yet, you won’t be allowed to comment on this post.

Make your predictions

After you’ve set your choices, come back here and leave comment backing your team. Or head on Twitter and mouth off a bit. Half the fun of sports lay in a good rivalry, something Android has no shortage of. If tweeting’s your bag, we’ve included a preloaded Tweetbox below for your convenience.

Of course, come back after the Super Bowl and we’ll have the results of the first annual Android Bowl waiting for you. Break!

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