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The Problem with Patents [Infographic]


By now, you’ve probably grown tired of the seemingly endless lawsuits that have been launched in the mobile industry. We have even lamented that companies on both sides of the fence would rather spend time litigating than truly innovating and bringing new products to the table.

It seems many people are sick of the patent system in the United States. The folks over at Frugal Dad have put together a nifty little infographic on the current state of the patent system in the United States.

Whether or not the infographic is relevant to you or not, it certainly highlights several key issues plaguing the patent system today, and we felt it was a fun enough read to share with our readers. What do you guys think of the state of the U.S. patent system today? Sound off in the comments. (Thanks, Kirsten!)

patents infographic

Source: Frugal Dad

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