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Comcast to launch Xfinity Streampix for your on-demand video needs

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Netflix and Hulu are the kings of the hill when it comes to on-demand video. These services can be used to play movies and TV shows on practically any device. Other services like Crackle and HBO Go have already made their attempts to fight the giants, albeit unsuccessfully. This time, Comcast is going at it with its soon-to-be-released Xfinity Streampix service.

The service will launch this Thursday, but Android (and other) apps will not be available until later this year. Comcast is not giving us any more information about the availability of this app, though. For now, it seems like the service will only be available via browser.

Comcast has made deals with Disney, ABC, NBC, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Digital Distribution and Cookie Jar among others. This will assure access to a good variety of shows and movies in a timely manner, which is essential for such a service.

So far, it seems users will need to have a bundled subscription with Comcast in order to use Streampix, or it can be added to your service for $4.99. Many current subscribers will be getting the services included with their current plans, which should be a nice treat. Regardless, you will need to be with Comcast to use it, which makes it much more similar to HBO Go.

Stay tuned for more details come Thursday, and let’s wait to see when this app shows up. This one is worth checking out, especially for current Comcast subscribers. Hit the source link for more details, and let us know if you will be using this service.

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Source: Comcast

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