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Hipsters rejoice! Instagram rumored to launch on Android soon


Unless you’ve seriously been sheltering yourself from the internet for the past year or so, you’ve probably heard of Instagram, the popular iOS photo editing and sharing service that’s taken the hipster world by storm. When we first learned Instagram was making its way to Android, we were giddy as schoolgirls super excited to check this app out for ourselves.

The folks over at In Flex We Trust had a peculiar and fishy notification pop up on their Galaxy Tab 10.1 which promoted Instagram as a featured application on the Android Market. Naturally, we went over to the Market to see if Instagram was available, only to be disappointed that it wasn’t quite there yet. Still, if the image at In Flex We Trust is legitimate (and that’s a BIG if), we should be seeing Instagram land on our favorite Android devices as early as this month. Either way, the app has been a major priority for the company for 2 months now, and we know for sure that’s it’s coming sometime, now it’s only a matter of when.

So why all the hype about Instagram? At its heart, Instagram is a fancy but basic photo editing tool that allows users to apply preset filters to photos to give them an artsy feel. Instagram’s goal is to take the fun and quirkiness of the old polaroid cameras of yesteryear, and mix it with the fluid and instant sharing provided by social media and the internet. Sure, there are a slew of other services out there that do the same thing, but the fact that Instagram is the most popular photo service on iOS speaks volumes to the quality of the service. We predict it will enjoy the same widespread success on Android as it enjoys in iOS.

Anyone else out there excited for Instagram to make its way to Android, or are you already using something that gets the job done? Sound off in the comments.

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Source: In Flex We Trust

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