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Magically remove unwanted moving object from your pictures with Remove by Scalado


Sick and tired of obnoxious people moving in and out of your pictures? Remove by Scalado may be exactly what you need! Remove is a new camera technology that enables users to remove any moving object from a picture after it has been taken. Scalado is not revealing the exact details about how Remove works, but we assume the software snaps multiple images before the user hits the shutter button. This would allow the software to analyze the desired image and remove any object that moved in the previous frames.

Scalado will be demoing remove at Mobile World Congress between February 27 and March 1, but don’t expect to see Remove in the Android Market any time soon. Though many of you have never heard of Scalado before, they are one of the leading providers of mobile imaging technology with software loaded on more than 1 billion mobile devices worldwide. This means your next Android powered phone could come with Remove already built into the camera application, just like HTC has already incorporated Scalado’s HDR, Panoramic, Burst and Rewind camera technologies.

For more details about Rewind, check out the press release. We’re not sure if Rewind will be incorporated into any of the phones unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year, but we’re definitely excited to see how the technology performs in the real world. We’re hoping it’ll at least be available to the public before the end of the year.

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Show Press Release
Scalado excitedly introduce the world’s first object removal innovation in a mobile device

“Remove” automatically deletes unwanted details in captured imaging

Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, applications and services for the mobile industry, have today announced the release of a new revolutionizing product named Remove. Remove is a technology that automatically highlights and removes any unwanted object from a captured photo. It is the world’s first Object removal software to be released on a mobile device.

Remove solves common photographic problems with unwanted objects in captured images, such as people getting in the way of our camera shot. Remove detects and selects the unwanted objects which simply can be removed automatically or by touching the selections on the screen or after capturing the image.

After Zero Shutter Lag, Burst, and Rewind Scalado continue leading and changing the capturing landscape by bringing in new unique and needed capturing innovations”, says Fadi Abbas, CMO/VP BizDev and Co-founder of Scalado, -”What differentiate us is the combination of customers who believe in our superiority, leading industry partners and continuous innovations

Last year Scalado released several innovations, e.g. the Rewind technology which allows the users to capture perfect group shots by automatically selecting the best shots in a burst and merging them into one perfect image. Rewind is already shipping in millions of mobile phones.

“Our team has been working hard to maintain its leading innovation position in the camera capturing field”, says Sami Niemi, CTO and Co-founder of Scalado, -”Remove shows that our technologies are setting the guidelines for the whole market”.

Scalado will premiere showcase Remove, the first of many new innovations planned this year, at the 2012 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, February 27th to March 1st.

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