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Quadrant Standard benchmarking app updated with multiple core and Android 4.0 support


Many a benchmarking app has come and gone on Android, but there is one that has truly stood the test of time, Quadrant Standard. It’s been around since April of 2010, and with today’s update finally bringing multiple core and Android 4.0 support to the app, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon.

Quadrant Standard Edition has long been the standard in apps used to quickly benchmark Android phones. Many argue the validity of Quadrant benchmark scores, and how those scores translate into real-world use, but nonetheless, it’s the go to app for seeing what device can pull in the highest number.

The latest updated to Quadrant Standard not only features GUI improvements, polish translation and a bug fix dealing with low framerates on PowerVR SGX 540, it brings two long awaited features to the app: multiple core and Android 4.0 compatibility. Before today, Quadrant wasn’t optimized to give accurate readings on devices with multiple cores like anything from the Motorola Atrix on up to the Galaxy Nexus. Quadrant 2.0 fixes that.

Due to the changes made from Quadrant 1.x to 2.0, the way devices are scored has changed. So the score browser is a slightly limited for the time being, but that will be addressed in the next update.

To download Quadrant Standard, simply use our handy download widget below. Once you’re done doing that, you can report your score along with the device used, and any custom ROMs or kernels in the comments. We’d love to see what everyone’s scores are.


Source: Android Police

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