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Verizon to unleash shared data plans in mid-2012


We’ve seen hints around the internet that Verizon would finally bring family data plans to its network in 2012, and yesterday we learned of solid proof that this is indeed the case. In a statement made to a group of investors, Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo indicated that shared data plans would begin to be offered in the middle of this year.

While not a firm timeframe, the mid-2012 timeframe does indicate that we’ll see group data plans hit Big Red before the back-to-school season kicks off in the fall. No word on pricing or migration strategies were given, though we expect Verizon will make this package available to new customers first and give existing customers the option to switch shortly after the feature is introduced.

We do know that not everyone will be migrated on day 1, as the new billing system will be a bit complex to administer and will take some time to get fully up to speed. Mr. Shammo indicated that a move to shared data plans is an important move in Verizon’s ongoing transition to a fully-realized 4G LTE network.

We’re excited to see what Verizon has up its sleeves when it comes to a shared data service. Hopefully it’ll mean family plans that are more affordable for customers, as Verizon is currently known for having the largest, most reliable and most expensive 4G network.

Source: Engadget

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