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Did Tony Hawk accidentally unveil T-Mobile’s plans to sell the Galaxy Nexus?


T-Mobile and Tony Hawk have a positive relationship like not many carriers and celebrities do. The pro skateboarder turned media superstar has always been a good friend of Magenta’s, and they’ve never been afraid to give him special treatment. At one point, they even made a Tony Hawk special edition Sidekick. But do they love him enough to give him an unreleased phone like a T-Mobile branded Galaxy Nexus?

Mr. Hawk posted a picture on Twitter today (from Instagram no less) that features a close up of a Galaxy Nexus with the text “I love T-Mobile.” How do we know it’s a Galaxy Nexus? For one, it’s the stock Android 4.0 data usage menu from in the settings. And if you compare what’s being displayed in the picture to the same thing on a Nexus S, it’s obvious whatever Tony has sports a bigger display than the Nexus S.

As to why Tony Hawk is posting a picture of a Galaxy Nexus and talking about his love for T-Mobile, we don’t really know. The international Galaxy Nexus works just fine with T-Mobile. He could just be bragging about his data, or the tethering app you can just barely see at the bottom of the Nexus’ display. But he could be talking about a free T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus he was lucky enough to score before it went to retail.

Mind you this is all speculation at this point, but we’re an Android blog, and that’s what Android blogs do. So what do you think, did Tony Hawk just accidentally spoil T-Mobile’s secret plans to sell the Galaxy Nexus? We know quite a few of our readers out there would love that, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. But not for a Tony Hawk branded Nexus. Please, anything but that.

Source: Twitter

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