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How Samsung’s Super Bowl ad should have been


Samsung, have you learned nothing from the past couple years worth of advertising failures? You could have done so much with your Super Bowl ad, but you didn’t. You did nothing but brag about a stylus, and make fun of one of your main competitor’s customers. Samsung blew a monstrous opportunity yesterday to show off why people all over the world love the Galaxy Note.

What they did

The first thirty seconds of Samsung’s Super Bowl ad are dedicated to showing people standing in line complaining. With one of the few product related dialogue lines during that thirty seconds being, “It’s the new Samsung Galaxy Note, It’s got a pen?!”

The next minute is dedicated to an old song from The Darkness, and who knows how many thousands of dollars worth of dancing and stunts. Oh, and some people are using the Note’s camera.

The end of the 90 second commercial shows the Note, with a coming soon sign right next to Best Buy’s logo.

If you had never heard of the Galaxy Note, what would you assume it is? A tablet with a stylus? That has a camera? Are either of those features compelling enough to drive the average consumer to investigate? Or will they be busy talking about how they used to have a Palm Pilot with a stylus?

It looks likes Samsung may have left consumers with more questions than answers. And nothing compelling enough to push them to find out more.

What they should have done

The Galaxy Note doesn’t just feature a stylus. The Note’s S Pen is paired with a Wacom brand digitizer. A brand recognized by millions upon millions of professionals in all sorts of media and art related industries. Samsung really should have shown that off.

They should have talked about how fluid using the S Pen is. And how it’s nothing like the styluses of yesteryear. They should have shown off how it’s pressure sensitive, all the different brush strokes you can use, and the different applications the S Pen works with.

Then, they should have mentioned how the large ultra crisp display is excellent for viewing and editing photos and video. A perfect compliment to the level of detail the S Pen is capable of.

Oh, and about that display. They need to make sure everyone knows about the rigorous testing done to make sure it was just the right size. Perfect for the Samsung exclusive technology built into the Note. Great for reading books and watching movies. Just big enough to give you a roomy tablet-like experience. Yet still small enough to use as a phone. Because you know, the Note is a phone after all.

Samsung could have done a lot with their Super Bowl ad. But they did practically nothing. Maybe next year?

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