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Gameloft recaps recent updates in video podcast


Gameloft still doesn’t give Android the same lovin that goes to iOS, but they are still my favorite mobile game developer by far (seriously, I’ve authored about 50 blog posts on them). They produce some of the best looking games that Android has seen (Modern Combat 3) and they also have one of the largest library of titles spanning all genres.

In episode 20 of the Gameloft Podcast, longtime host Josh Goldberg bids farewell to his gig. To celebrate his final episode Gameloft told Josh he could do whatever he wants, which results in one of the more entertaining episodes. I won’t spoil any details, so just check out the show below.

We haven’t seen many new games from Gameloft this year, but they did just launch their free community app Gameloft Live to the Android Market. The app lets you create a 3D avatar of yourself (think Wii’s Miis) and provides access to exclusive news, spotlight promotions, and special discounts on games.

I played around with the app and didn’t see much added value yet, but this is just the first version and I’m sure Gameloft will improve it. Hey, at least it’s a sign that Gameloft is making an effort to grow their Android fan base. Be on the lookout for Dungeon Hunter 3 to hit the Android Market next month.


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