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Mediocre Madden NFL 12 now on sale for $0.99

Madden 12

Super Bowl XLVI is coming this weekend and EA Mobile has lowered the price of Madden NFL 12 to $0.99 to celebrate the big game. Most of EA’s Android games have been disappointing compared to their iOS clones, and Madden appears no different. It’s not compatible with the new phones (like the Galaxy Nexus) and many users are reporting problems downloading the game’s content after their initial purchase.

However, some people seem to genuinely enjoy the game and it is $4 cheaper than the normal price, so you might want to give it a shot while the sale lasts. Just remember to visit the Android Market page and check out the user reviews filtered for your device to see what people are saying about the compatibility.


And for those of you without a credit card, check out the free NFL Pro 2012 from Gameloft. Android Market also has a list of Official Super Bowl Apps that include some fun games like NFL Kicker and NFL Flick Quarterback.

Source: Android Market

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