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The Sims FreePlay coming to Android Market this month


Is EA Mobile finally ready to take Android serious now? They have ported a handful of their most popular iOS games to Android, but most have been met with a lukewarm reception (averaging review scores of 3/5). A quick browse of EA Mobile’s site shows that they haven’t updated their Android section in years, with only the original T-Mobile G1 being listed as a supported device.

We don’t know much about EA Mobile’s future plans for Android, but their PR team has started to made an effort to reach out to Android bloggers and open a channel of communication. For example, to promote their upcoming Android game The Sims FreePlay, EA mailed me a Sims coffee mug, scarf, and paper speakers. I’m still not sure what the point was of these random items, but I’m sitting here writing this article so I guess they got the job done.

No release date has been announced, but we have heard that The Sims FreePlay should be available in the Android Market by the end of this month. The game previously launched on iOS devices back in December where it won several awards for best freemium game of the year.

EA’s current game The Sims 3 is priced at $6.99 and did relatively well selling between 100,000-500,000 copies (most came when the game was on sale for $0.99). Unfortunately the game has not been updated since September, which has led to many complaints about support and earned the game a 3.5 rating in the Android Market.

Even though most of EA’s titles have been disappointing compared to their iOS versions, we know they are capable of producing some awesome Android games – see Dead Space. Hopefully The Sims FreePlay will receive their best effort and more resources will be allocated to support the game after its initial release.

Do we have any Sims fans in the house?

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