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4-PLUS-1, The 5th CPU core formerly known as Ninja


Ninja core. Stealth core. Companion core. Veriable symmetric multiprocessing. Those are all phrases that NVIDIA has used to describe their 5th processing core in Tegra 3. And to celebrate the 5th core, NVIDIA has now announced a 5th name, “4-PLUS-1.”

Four high performance CPU cores for premium experiences, plus one low-power CPU core to save battery life.

I am often entertained by the messaging that comes from marketing and public relations teams, and this is no exception. At the same time, I still understand what NVIDIA is trying to accomplish. Their customers wanted an easy to understand name they could put on a box that represents the value of Tegra 3′s 5th low-power CPU core and it doesn’t get much simpler than 4-PLUS-1.

We’ve already covered the benefits of Tegra 3, so I won’t dive into that again. For the real technical folks out there, NVIDIA also updated their whitepaper on variable symmetric multiprocessing. If you want the simple version of how multi-core processors extend battery life, just check out the video below.

Let us know what you think about the new 4-PLUS-1 branding in the comments below.

Source: NVIDIA

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