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Amazon, “Want an iPad or three Kindles for less?”


Android manufacturers are not giving up on the fight against Apple. The situation is tense, and the war does not stay behind the borders of product competition. TV commercials and ads take direct swings at Apple. We can take Samsung’s latest commercials as an example – including their Super Bowl ad. But this time around, Amazon is taking its swing at Cupertino Giant.

The video emphasizes the fact that a Kindle is much better for reading than the iPad. And that even if you want a device for media consumption, you can use a Kindle Fire. The main point is that you can get the best out of both worlds by purchasing both Kindle products, at a price lower than the iPad. In the video, the lady has 2 Kindle Fires and one $79-dollar Kindle, and all of them together still cost less than “that.”

Granted, the Kindle Fire is not exactly your full-fledged tablet. But it could take care of a great percentage of general consumers. You can listen to your music, play movies, read books, surf the web, etc. For many users, especially those looking for a good deal, it might be a better option to just purchase 2 Kindle devices.

But what do you guys think? Would you rather get an iPad or two (or more) Kindle devices? Or would you prefer a full-fledged Android tablet? Take a minute to check out the fun video and let us know what you think.

Via: BGR

Source: Kindle (YouTube)

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