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Time has expired in our first Android Bowl, but the game is not over. All the teams fought hard and the score is too close to call, so we are headed to overtime! The game will end soon, so join up with your favorite Android team and leave a comment below to win. If you already played in the first two halves you can still participate in overtime, but make sure to invite your friends to play so your Android team will grow larger and come out on top.

The Prizes

We’re picking a winner from a random comment from the first half, second half, and overtime who will receive an Asus Transformer Prime, with dock, direct from @NVIDIAtegra. Check back after the Super Bowl is over for the complete list of winners.

How to win

People never seem to read the content of these posts, so I’ll keep it as simple as possible.

  1. Login or register
  2. Pick you carrier and manufacture team on the Edit Profile page
  3. Leave a comment on this post
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  1. Me me me, Samsung for the win!!!

  2. Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go! Go Sammy!

  3. Asus me…..im waiting :)

  4. Go sprint go…
    Don’t judge me, but I have good sprint reception…

  5. i like sprints plans and unlimited data. helps when i didnt have a laptop or internet when i moved last year.

  6. T-Mobile and LG. Let’s go! TMOBILE G2x!

  7. Edited my profile: HTC and Vodafone NL (had to choose “other” as carrier).

  8. Did i do this thread already? 620 posts? ::will not do that::

    tmob and samsung! ::chant::

  9. I like my tablets like I like my transformers and streak: prime

  10. Hey, I am looking forward to win a transformer! ;-)

  11. I soooo want a Prime!!!

  12. Easily the best tablet in the world, right now.

  13. Go Samsung!
    Rogers sucks!

  14. I’m for whatever the newest nexus is. So go Samsung!

  15. I put my comments in for both the first half and second half. If I didn’t win with those two posts, hopefully this one will do it. \

    Once again, thanks for throwing this awesome contest. I’d feel like a 5 year old at christmas if I won this tablet.

  16. I’m ready to win right along with the Pats.

  17. Let’s hope to win something !

  18. nexus s 4g , SPRINT FTW , cheapest and best overall

  19. a Prime would be awesome!!

  20. Let’s give it another shot hope I win!!!

  21. It’s overtime and I’m in it to win it!!

  22. T mobile + HTC TMO kinda sucks though… le sigh… wooOooo!

  23. Me me! I hope I win a free transformer prime!

  24. I read the posts Taylor. The first one just wasn’t all that clear about rooting for manufacturers. The second, clarified, but really I don’t owe much loyalty to a phone maker.

  25. Prime all the way! Asus is dominating the Tablet world

  26. Sprint and HTC. Done and done.

  27. I’m still a Motorola guy – after 4 months, got my Atrix 4g mostly repaired (replacement screen is missing a band of pixels of touch sensitivity – ARGH!)

  28. Need tablet for college pick me

  29. I would love to win this. My current score vs. contests is 0-a lot! :D

  30. It’s prime time tonite !!!!!

  31. The stealers better not win…..oh wait, they cant!

  32. Prime Prime baby! gimme gimme :)

  33. Oh man, I need a transformer prime badly. My laptop is not anywhere near portable enough

  34. A prime would be amazing!

  35. Yay!!! lets go samsung!!!!!

  36. OK, you bribe me to comment, but now you expect me to say something worthwhile too? here goes – I check this site every day in the hope of gleaning some useful android news- hows that?

  37. I would love to win one of these tablets.

  38. Team VZW and Samsung need to squeak this one out!

  39. All the best…Let’s see !!

  40. Looking for a big win from Verizon/Samsung just like Brady/ Patriots will do today. Thanks for sponsoring the Android bowl @nVidia. Thanks for hosting it @androidandme.

  41. I’m sooo not going to win.

  42. Good luck everyone :)

  43. Can’t wait, love you guys, great contest as always!

  44. Big game today…big chance to win this contest

  45. I hope Brady gets a transformer in the face!

  46. I’m guessing 4000 comments by the end of the day..

  47. Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I was a little late signing up hope I am in in time

  49. ASUSbots SUSTransform!

  50. ASUSbots Transform!

  51. HTC all the way. Sense is awesome

  52. Droppin’ in for my shot at tablet-ness (like greatness, only with some cool hardware)

  53. Fingers crossed for a Transformer Prime.

  54. Android and Me is the best! These contests are great!! Hope I win!!

  55. Good luck everyone! :D

  56. Go Asus and TMobile..

  57. Would definitely love one!

  58. T-Mo & HTC, FTW

    Now let me get that T-Prime & dock pretty pretty please!!!!!

  59. What a super day to get a new PRIME!!!

  60. I could use a transformer prime right about now!

  61. Superbowl Winner? Transformer Prime!

  62. Superboowwwll Again! ;) Thx for the Contest!

  63. Over 700 and counting (:

  64. Woo Hoo.. Go Samsung..

  65. enjoying the superbowl!!! i could use the transformer prime in my lap

  66. samsung has the best designs ever……..

  67. Android Rules!!! have a droid razr and acer iconia a500 but still waiting on a ICS update, so the prime would be GREAT to win!

  68. Lets go Transformer Prime….. All the way…

  69. Sammy and VZW all the way!!

  70. I need a tablet for Shadowg–school! I mean school!

  71. Good luck everyone! Good luck to me too! lol Go Gmen, HTC and Tmo!

  72. 3 words: Asus Transformer Prime!

  73. OMG another another chance to win my precious tablet. Good luck to you people and good luck to me :D

  74. Let’s get this transformer party started! Sammy FTW!

  75. Transformer Prime here i come. LETS GO GIANTS!!! T-Mobile and Samsung are my picks.

  76. No tablets here so far, prime would be a great start.

  77. I care about this contest WAY more than I do the actual Super Bowl!

  78. Would love to win a prime – Go vzw and moto!

  79. Thanks for all the contests, A&M (:

  80. Would love this. Go pats!

  81. Go HTC! (and I hope this contest is international…)

  82. Samsung all day! AT&T bleh….!but I do want a Transformer Prime!!

  83. I think both teams suck, but I hope I win the transformer prime.

  84. Think my kid would be stoked if I got a transformer Prime, He’s all about the transformers ;)

  85. sprint and htc got dat 3d

  86. I want to win win win!

  87. T-Mobile, HTC, and Patriots FTW!!!

  88. looking @ samsung for the win.

  89. Would love to pick up a prime. Samsung, vzw, and the giants.

  90. Did I miss the cutoff?

  91. Since I don’t have to vote for VZW & Motorola, I can say I can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note… how long until it or the ‘SGjournal’ comes to verizon? Mid March would be perfect!

  92. Go motorola! With a recent win against Apple in Germany you can’t argue against Motorola :)

  93. C’mon Verizon and Samsung!!

  94. Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment

  95. Verizon and Samsung all the way!! Go giants!

  96. I give it a try too :)

  97. Samsung Captivate(ICS) FTW!

  98. I scream, you scream… but I swear I NEED me a bite of that Ice Cream Sandwhich

  99. I’m with Bell because they tend to get the best devices. The first dual core in Canada and when they get Samsung devices they don’t mess around with them, bringing the device Samsung envisioned.

    I also stick with them because I’m grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. I’ve also upgraded my device twice and they let me keep my old plan.

    I currently have the Galaxy Nexus and the original ASUS Transformer. I would love to get the Prime because of the improvements in performance and the reduction of size and weight.

  100. I’ve been an htc fanboy since I started with my G1,

  101. Galaxy Note for the win!!!!!!!!!

  102. Patriots is going to make it .. most of the analyses say that !

  103. Verizon “needs” the Galaxy Note!

  104. Come on sprint samsung team

  105. Asus Transformer baby! It’s a win win! The Prime even better!

  106. Got the Transformer. Want the Prime. If the Prime and IPad went into a Superbowl the Prime would be Superbowl champ. IPad, toilet bowl champ!

  107. Im ready to for this bowl

  108. I didn’t win any of the other 25 giveaways last time, so this is mine for sure. Thank you in advance ‘Android and Me’ I’m in Austin, TX as well…so I would like to do pickup, instead of delivery.

  109. Sammy’s so lammy,HTC all the way!!

  110. I’ll take one, please!

  111. Come on Giants, and come on Asus! Samsung paid big $ for that Prime time commercial!

  112. Come on Giants, and come on Asus! MOTO & Verizon!

  113. I know nvidia will pull through and will pick me to win for the first time! Pats will take it 24-19. mark my words

  114. Go Giants!!! And…yea of course…… Go Prime! :D

  115. Samsung will take it no doubt, now where is my prime I need to cool down with some ICS.

  116. Would love to have my first tablet!! Love the Prime!

  117. Last chance for my Motorola Verizon team to win.

  118. sweet could be my first tablet ever

  119. for the header graphic for this article, me love you long time.