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HTC continues to tease MWC, first press shot of One X leaks


Yesterday HTC teased, “This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.” Today their message is, “This Sunday, you’ll hear something authentic.” HTC’s previous message was accompanied by the number 5, and today HTC used the number 4, so we are assuming the numbers represent a countdown to Sunday.

To go along with today’s tease we also have the first press shot of the HTC One X (formerly Edge), courtesy of Evan Blass of Pocketnow. The Tegra 3 powered device looks similar to when we first saw it last year, but it now only features three buttons across the bottom instead of four. We can also see the new Sense 4.0 home screen, which has been leaked pretty heavily this month.

HTC says their Mobile World Congress show will begin this Sunday at 8:30 PM Barcelona time, which is 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST in the United States. We don’t know if they are providing a live stream yet, but we will be sure to let you know if one is available.

No launch partners for the HTC One X have been announced, but it was already rumored to be on order at 20 carriers and NVIDIA has said that Tegra 3 smartphones will be shipping this quarter. If some of us are really lucky, we could see this superphone in stores next month.

Via: HTC Facebook

Source: PocketNow

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