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iPhone fanboys not a fan of Samsung Galaxy Note


Ok I fell for the trap. Jonathan Geller of BGR wrote a narrow-minded troll post about the Galaxy Note calling it “the most useless phone I’ve used” and now I’m giving him more exposure by linking back to it.

But this post isn’t about Jonathan. I wanted to discuss the Galaxy Note and Samsung’s marketing strategy behind the product. For starters, I think I actually agree with Jonathan on one point. The Galaxy Note is going to flop with AT&T customers.

Samsung chose with their Next Big Thing ads to attack and make fun of Apple customers, instead of focusing on all the benefits of the Galaxy Note. These negative actions actually upset iPhone customers. Geller says he is “almost offended by this product” because the “display and how it’s manufactured and designed” resembles his beloved iPhone 4S.

AT&T is still the number one carrier for Apple’s smartphone. They sold an astounding 7.6 million iPhones in Q4, for a total of 17.5 million units last year.

So here we have Samsung spending countless millions on Super Bowl advertising for an AT&T product that doesn’t really appeal to the core base of AT&T customers. And with a price point of $299 with 2-year contract and data plan required, the Galaxy Note is not going to tempt first-time smartphone buyers either.

I’m sure the Galaxy Note will attract some Android fans on AT&T, but there are not many there to begin with. Our Android Bowl results show that among the hardcore enthusiasts, AT&T ranks dead last behind smaller carriers Sprint and T-Mobile.

The timing of the Galaxy Note launch was also poorly planned. I have several friends on AT&T and they just upgraded at Christmas to either the Samsung Galaxy S II or Galaxy S II Skyrocket. They won’t be in the market for a new Android phone anytime soon.

So who’s going to buy the Galaxy Note on AT&T? Not many. Hopefully the rumors are true and it comes to Verizon or Sprint.

Source: BGR

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