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Motorola beats Apple in court; iPhones and iPads banned temporarily in Germany


We have something special for your daily flurry of lawsuit news. We usually see Cupertino Giant messing with all the little boys in the playground. Today, Motorola has taken a big swing at Apple, winning a permanent injunction in Germany. This forced Apple to pull most of its devices from its online store (you could still find them at stores) for a while.

Devices affected included the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and all 3G-enabled iPads. These went off the German Apple Store website for a while, until the ban was lifted again. An appeal took place after Apple complained that Motorola was not being helpful with the licensing of the patents at hand. Apple made a licencing payment offer, and its products should be back in the shelves soon. [1]

Regardless, it seems like iPhone and iPad users in Germany might still be losing some iCloud functionality. Mainly, the use of push e-mail, which is a great loss, if you ask us. Being able to get your e-mail & notifications in time is crucial for many users.

It seems like Google was not so wrong making the decision to acquire Motorola, in order to defend the Android operating system and manufacturers from legal battles. Motorola is on a roll with Apple, with this being the third time they won against Cupertino Giant, in Germany.

We are also still waiting to see what happens in Florida, where Motorola sued Apple, as well. Odds are looking awfully great for Motorola. And with this happening in Apple’s home country, we can expect to see those tables not only turned, but flipped upside down.


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Via: Engadget

Source: FOSS Patents

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