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Official HTC One X specs revealed along with new images


And we’re back with another look at the HTC One X. It’s been less than an hour since our last post about the phone, but we now have more images and what looks to be the real spec sheet from HTC. We’ll let your eyes wander down the page to take a peek at the pictures in a second, but we wanted to dive into the detailed specs sheet first.

The size of the HTC One X will be 134.36 x 69.9 x 9.29 and it will weigh 130 grams (4.58 ounces). As we suspected, the One X will feature a 4.7-inch 720p display. HTC has chosen to go with a Super LCD2 display with Gorilla Glass 2.5D. Naturally, the phone will be powered by a 1.5GHz Super 4-PLUS1- quad-core Tegra 3 processor from NVIDIA which will be paired with 32GB of internal strage (26GB usable storage), 1GB of RAM and access to 25GB of cloud storage for two years from DropBox.

The One X comes with a built-in 1800 mAh battery, NFC (Google Wallet Compatible), microUSB with MHL support and a 5 pin Pogo Pin connection for audio and charging.

The latest phones from HTC have featured some incredible specs, but the HTC One X will take things to a whole new level. The handset will feature an 8 megaixel camera paired with an LED “Smart Flash” which features five auto adjustable power levels to make sure your shots have just the right amount of lighting. HTC has also included a dedicated HTC Image Chip to capture clearer, sharper images, a 28mm wide angle lens with an f2.0 aperture and BSI sensor for improved image quality when taking pictures in low light environments. And to top things off, the HTC One X will be the first phone from HTC to allow users to record HD video and take pictures simultaneously.

htc_one_x htc-one-x-600 sense-1-water sense-2-water sense-3-water sense-4-water htc-one-x-specs-water htc-one-x

The HTC One X will sport dual microphones for stereo audio recording during video and noise cancellation during phone calls, Beats Audio, Bluetooth 3.0 with FTP/OPP, A2DP, and PBASP for phone book access from external devices, GPS, and the typical gyroscope, g-sensor, digital compass, proximity and ambient light sensors. The last thing on the list which we were not expecting is a dedicated EA Games Store which will give users direct access to EA’s Android games library.

Is there anything else that’s missing? I guess the only thing we’re looking forward to at HTC’s press event tomorrow is some hands-on time with the HTC One X along with high-resolution images and videos. Is the HTC One X everything you expected it to be?

Source: FullGSM

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