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Poll: Should Facebook sneak mobile ads into your News Feed?


We have news for Facebook users out there – especially if you tend to use it on the go. Recent reports are stating that the social network giant is going to start displaying advertisements to mobile users, coming May.

These will not be your normal ads, which normally occupy a clearly designated area. According to the Financial Times, Facebook will take another route, using what they are calling “Featured Stories.” These advertisements will appear among the posts from your loved (or not so loved) ones, meaning that ads will simply look like another update in your News Feed.

It is unclear whether the ads will only be pushed toward users accessing the social network via a browser, or the app – though we assume that it would be simpler to apply this new method to the entirety of Facebook mobile. However, it doesn’t seem that this would drastically change things since it would just be a new occurrence in your News Feed.

We understand that Facebook is not a non-profit organization – they want their money. Can we blame them?

We are a bit torn. While it is a good way for advertising to not seem so disruptive, it is a bit annoying to see ads when expecting to see updates from friends and family.

What do you think about seeing ads in your News Feed? Would you mind them if they were implemented in a way that more clearly distinguished them as ads? Or do you pretty much hate the idea altogether?

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Source: Reuters

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