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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III to be 7 mm thin, might launch around May

The wait is on.

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S devices are among the most popular in the Android ecosystem. It is about to be that time of the year when the next in the series is revealed, and an announcement should be coming anytime. It might not be during Mobile World Congress, but rumors are already spreading. And today we have a flurry of rumored specs, as well as a possible announcement date for you.

According to ET News sources, the Galaxy S II successor will have a quad-core processor, LTE connectivity and Android 4.0. These rumored specs do not surprise us, though. These specs, along with a 12 MP rear-facing camera, a Super AMOLED HD display, and 2 GB of RAM are specifications that we are already expecting from this device.

What seems a bit more interesting is the Galaxy S III’s rumored thinness, which is suppossed to measure in at 7 mm. This is a bit thinner than the 8.49 mm Galaxy S II. This is to be expected, as well, since Samsung is known to boast the thinness of their devices. But it is surprising that manufacturers are able to fit such great specs into a 7 mm device. We certainly can’t wait to hear more details, and hope to see an announcement soon.

We were all bummed that we heard that this device would not be announced this month at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. But we might not have to wait that much more. Samsung has been recently sending invitations to an event that will be held in France.

Said event will take place on March 22nd. And while we have no idea what it could all be about, that is not stopping us from getting our hopes up. It just might be the Galaxy S III announcement or it could be something related to their many other products. However, popular French blog Frandroid was invited, making people believe that the announcement could very well be Android-related.

We will have to sit tight and wait to hear more about this. One thing we know for sure – Just like last year, and the year before that, the next Galaxy S smartphone will be among the creme de la creme of Android devices.

Sadly, it might be a while before we start seeing them hit stores. Hopefully we see it get to the US sooner than it did last year. Now, that was a pain. Are any of you saving your upgrades for this one?

Update: No Galaxy S III at French event

Most of us were praying to all our entities yesterday, in hopes that Samsung would announce the Galaxy S III at a French event they will be holding next March 22nd. Well, guys – luck is not in our side.

The guys from The Next Web have received word straight from Samsung, and the next successor to the Galaxy S family will not be making an appearance at this event, either. Instead, it will be focused on all current devices from Samsung. So let’s skip this one and wait to see when that announcement will show up.

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Source: ET News

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