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Sony XPERIA U and XPERIA P officially announced


Taking the stage for the very first time under the Sony Mobile name, Bert Nordberg introduced the new Sony XPERIA P and XPERIA U as part of the Sony NXT (next) family of phones.

Unlike the XPERIA S, the XPERIA P features an aluminum unibody design with a 4-inch display with Sony’s new “Magic White” technology. According to Sony, the Magic White display makes the screen twice as bright when used in direct sunlight and was rated as the best display by nine out of ten consumers in a focus group conducted by Sony. Other specifications of the XPERIA P include a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8-megapixel camera with full 1080p HD video recording, NFC, and will be available in white, black and burgundy.

The Sony XPERIA U sports a 3.5-inch Reality Display, 1GHz dual-core processor, 5 megapixel rear camera, “xLoud” sound processing and the same sharp edge and transparent bar design featured on the larger XPERIA S which was unveiled at CES back in January. The transparent bar does have a new feature which allows it to change colors based on the different type of notifications your handset receives and will even match the color tone of your picture when you are flipping through your photo album on the phone. Those who like to customize the lok of their handset will have the ability to swap out the bottom cap below the transparent bar with a variety of different color replacements.

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While other OEMs are announcing new device running Android 4.0, Sony’s two new phones will be powered by Android 2.3 when they go on sale. Sony does plan on upgrading the XPERIA P and XPERIA U to Android 4.0 shortly after launch. Both the Sony XPERIA U and XPERIA P will be available to markets across the globe by the middle of the second quarter. Sony will also be launching it biggest marketing campaign in recent history in order to promote its line of new XPERIA handsets. Pricing for the two devices was not announced, but we suspect most European carrier will offer the phones for free to those who sign up for new two year service agreements.

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