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Verizon takes first place in customer service – tell us your experiences


J.D. Power and Associates has conducted a customer care full service study during the second half of 2011 that shows some great results for Big Red. Despite all the hiccups that their 4G LTE network has been going through, Verizon Wireless seems to have the most satisfied customers out of all the US carriers.

Verizon is currently boasting the “most reliable” 3G network and the “fastest, most advanced 4G LTE network in the world,” and there is no doubt that the company is doing a great job (if we ignore 4G LTE hiccups). Coverage has been a dream with Big Red and the new 4G LTE speeds are quite stunning.

In the study, Verizon Wireless received a score of 762 out of 1,000, placing it on top of all full service wireless providers. This network is then followed by Sprint, with a 745 score, AT&T with 743 and T-Mobile with 739.

Verizon is on a roll, earning this position for the second time consecutively. Also, if you happen to be a fan of pre-paid services, you might also want to know that Virgin Mobile was the top-gunner with a rank of 735.

This probably explains one aspect of why people are willing to shell out the extra cash for Verizon. If it means better service, it can be worth it. Every time I have called customer service, they have fixed all my issues, and have even given me early upgrades to keep me happy. As far as coverage, I know I rarely have any issues with the service (except for 4G, when it drops).

But enough about me, we know that many of you are Verizon customers, especially with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Are your experiences with Big Red comparable to what’s showing in the study?

Via: Verizon Wireless

Source: J.D. Power

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