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Wirelessly stream your phone’s display with HTC Media Link HD


The HTC Media Link isn’t anything new. While most people missed the product announcement last year at Mobile World Congress, the original Media Link was a simple WiFi adapter which enabled users to stream music, pictures and video via DLNA to their HD TV. But the new HTC Media Link HD has a few tricks up its sleeve which put last year’s product to shame.

This year’s HTC Media Link HD does most of the same things as last year’s model, but with a more refined experience and the ability to wirelessly stream your phones display. Once you set up the Media Link HD with your HD TV via HDMI, simply use three fingers to swipe up on your display on your HTC One X or HTC One S to project your phone’s screen through the Media Link. As you might expect, the device allows you to use any applications on your big screen TV, browse the web, play games and a lot more, but the real magic starts when you start up a movie. Rather than being forced to put down your phone so that everyone can enjoy a full length film, the HTC Media Link HD allows you to press the home button and continue using your phone and even make a call or two while the movie continues to play on the big screen.

htc_media_link videoimage1 videoimage2 videoimage3

To disconnect from the HTC Media Link HD, use three fingers and make a downward swiping motion on your phone’s display. The concept is simple, but the functionality offered by the new Media Link HD far exceeds any docking accessories currently available by the competition.

Pricing and availability of the HTC Media Link HD have not been announced, but we’re sure you’d agree that it will be a must-have accessory for anyone who purchases the HTC One S or HTC One X this spring.

Source: HTC

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