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Amazon UK reveals HTC One X release date


Earlier today all three HTC One phones were listed on Expansys for pre-order with no details about availability, but Amazon UK now lists the HTC One X as available for pre-order with an estimated release date of April 5. Amazon’s price for the HTC One X is £30 more than what Expansys is charging, but we know a lot of people who buy from Amazon may be willing to pay a bit more simply because they trust the brand.

We have searched Amazon UK several times, but have been unable to locate the HTC One S and HTC One V. Based on HTC’s statements during yesterday’s press event, we should expect all three phones to hit global markets around the same time. In the coming days we should expect Amazon and other retailers to list the HTC One S and HTC One V with early April release dates.

How long do you think it’ll take T-Mobile and AT&T to launch the HTC One S and HTC One XL in the US market?

Source: Amazon UK

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