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HTCdev releases four new APIs; developer access to Beats Audio, lockscreen, MediaLink HD features


While most of us were focused on all the new phones released this week at Mobile World Congress, the HTCdev team took the opportunity to release four new APIs that tie into the OpenSense SDK. Application developers can now tap into new features on HTC phones and take advantage of some of the advanced functionality available in HTC Sense.

  • Beats Audio API: allows applications to take advantage of the Beats Audio sound enhancements on HTC phones that feature Beats Audio integration.
  • Lockscreen API: allows applications to interact with the advanced HTC Sense lock screen, which enables application interaction without the need for unlocking the device.
  • Mobile Device Management API
  • HTC MediaLink HD API: allows applications freedom to wirelessly interact with the Media Link HD accessory for display on a second screen.

We’re really excited to see what developers can create with these new APIs. We hope most streaming music and video services add Beats Audio integration to their apps as quickly as possible. It would be nice to see how various apps try to integrate notifications or app controls into the HTC lockscreen.

We don’t know what the limitations are with the HTC Media Link HD API, but we’re hoping developers will be able to take advantage of the same features HTC was showing off this week. These features allow users to interact with the device while content is being streamed to a second display. If we let our imagination run wild, we could see game developers adding a custom control interface on the device while the game streams on the second screen.

Is there anything you’re hoping developers will whip up with these new HTC APIs?

Source: HTC Blog

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