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Android Gaming Weekly: Call of Duty Elite, Another World, L.A. Noire, Dark Kingdom THD


Welcome to our new column Android Gaming Weekly, where we recap all the new releases and highlights every Thursday. We post small bits throughout the week related to Android games, but readers have requested a condensed summary that makes it easier to keep up with all the latest news. Read on for this week’s best in Android gaming.

Call of Duty Elite coming to tablets

If you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online, chances are you have purchased the Elite premium membership that unlocked 20 new maps and offers year-round competitions. Activision recently released a Call of Duty Elite app for smartphones, but this week they revealed a tablet optimized version was coming soon. This app is useless if you don’t play MW3, but it’s an essential companion for the hardcore fans.

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

DotEmu is developer and publisher that specializes in bringing retro games to new platforms. Last year they brought R-Type to Android and this week they released the cult classic Another World. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game’s release, DotEmu now offers HD graphics, 100% remastered sound, new touch controls, and OpenFeint integration. Alternate controls are also supported at Another World is fully optimized for the Xperia Play gamepad and it also supports the Zeemote Bluetooth joystick.


L.A. Noire Touch comes to OnLive

This week OnLive and Rockstar announced that L.A. Noire had been upgraded with touch controls. The OnLive Android app is free to download and provides on-demand cloud gaming, but you will need to pay to play most games. L.A. Noire can be rented for $5.99 or purchased for $39.99. As far as we know, OnLive is still only available in the US.


Dark Kingdom THD get previewd

Dark Kingdom is a classic role-playing game that has now gone mobile. This version optimized for Tegra devices features higher-polygon models, dynamic shadows, dynamic lighting, and even rag-doll physics. Our friends from DroidGamers recently got a hands-on preview of the upcoming release. We don’t know when the game will be released, but it looks to be almost finished.

Angry Birds Space launches tomorrow

We have been talking about it the last three weeks, but Angry Birds Space finally launches tomorrow. Some of you are tired of the Angry Birds franchise, but it did feel like a new game when I played it earlier this month at SXSW. Look for the game to be available in the Google Play Store within the next 24 hours.

Six Guns annoys with spam notifications

This week Gameloft released Six-Guns, their latest freemium title. The early reviews are positive with an average score of 4.7, but I have been disappointed with the game so far. It sends annoying messages to your notifications bar and tries to nickle and dime you with in-app purchases to buy more ammo. It’s still free to play, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. Check it out if you need a free game to burn up some time.


NBA Jam continues to tease me

Late last week EA Mobile released NBA Jam and it looks awesome. I really want to buy this game, but it’s not supported on Android 4.0 devices yet. Hopefully EA Mobile will release an update soon with expanded device support.


Games I’m currently playing

Samurai vs Zombies: We first talked about this game last week and it was every bit of fun as it looked. I played it non-stop for a couple of days and I just finished it a couple days ago. I wish the game was longer than 50 levels, but it’s still a fun game. The gameplay is a unique mix on tower defense and action RPG. I ended up spending $4.99 on in-game credits to level up my skills, but you can still complete the game without spending a dime.


Scramble with Friends: Zynga has done it again. Scramble with Friends is an addicting word game that’s fun to play with the whole family. It’s turn based like other Zynga games, so you can challenge your friends and play whenever you want. Someone send me a challenge.


What are you playing?

Find any great new Android games this week? Share your favorites in the comments below so we can check them out.

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