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Android 4.0 update delivers performance boost to AT&T’s HTC Vivid

2 years ago 22

Android 4.0 is breathing new life into HTC phones across the globe with improvements to the OS and updated version of HTC Sense. We all love the new features packed into Ice Cream Sandwich, but if you own an HTC phone that is scheduled for an Android 4.0 update you might be more thankful for the phone’s performance improvements. A few weeks ago, we reported that the HTC Velocity’s benchmark numbers spiked after receiving the Android 4.0 update. Now we’ve received confirmation that it was not an isolated case.

The Android 4.0 update for the HTC Vivid was pushed out last week by AT&T and delivers significant performance improvements as well. VentureBeat ran the HTC Vivid through a half dozen different benchmarks and found performance improvements across the board. The biggest jump was in the HTC Vivid’s Sunspider 9.1 (Javascript benchmark that processes the coding language as fast as devices can manage). It showed a 66 percent speed increase over Android 2.3.

Since the HTC Vivid is skinned with Sense 3.6, which customizes many of the features and applications, it’s hard to say if the new skin or the updated version of Android should be credited for the increase in handset performance. Either way, we’re hoping that all Android 4.0 updates for all manufacturers show similar improvements.