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Apple offers Samsung and Motorola licensing deals of $5 to $15 per unit to settle litigation


It appears Apple is having a bit of a change of heart when it comes to the excessive amounts of litigation they’ve been unloading against Android handset makers lately.

According to a report in The Dow Jones, Apple has offered both Motorola Mobility and Samsung Electronics Co. a licensing deal ranging from $5 to $15 per device sold as a means of settling pending patent litigation with these companies around the world. The royalty fees represent 1 – 2.5% of device sales, and are on par with the fees Motorola is seeking to charge Apple (2.5%) for Apple’s violation of certain Motorola patents.

The licensing deal talks come in the midst of court victories on both sides, with Apple winning an injunction against HTC per an ITC ruling, as well as a victory against Motorola for devices that infringed upon one of Apple’s Slide to Unlock patent. Motorola has secured a victory or two against Apple as well, most recently against Apple’s iCloud and MobileMe push email for iOS devices, forcing Apple to shut down these services in Germany.

While we hope that Apple, Samsung, and Motorola can figure out some way to play nice and let the patent madness stop, we have a hard time believing we’ll see that vision become a reality. All parties involved seem to be bolstering their patent portfolios, and we’ll likely see Google venture into the lawsuit foray once they’ve secured Motorola’s patents in their acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

We’ll bring you all the patent news that’s fit to print as more information comes out. In the meantime, let’s get a discussion going in the comments. How crazy do you think all this patent litigation is? Will we ever see a revamped patent system in the U.S.?

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