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Does Sony’s first TV spot for the new Xperia smartphones make you want to buy one?

2 years ago 26

Sony hired Wes Anderson, director of the Fantasic Mr. Fox, to direct their TV spots for the new Xperia lineup. Steve Walker, the CMO for Sony Mobile, says this video is the first “episode” of a new campaign that includes a big spend across digital and traditional media platforms.

We really like the 12 MP Exmor-R camera and Reality HD display on the new Sony Xperia S, but it still ships with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and uses the older Snapdragon S3 processor. Quite simply, we think there are several better options already available and many more to come.

This new TV spot is pretty creative, but does it really make you want to go out and buy a Sony smartphone?

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