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Galaxy Note shipments surpass 5 million worldwide


To say the Samsung Galaxy Note is a beast of a smartphone is an understatement. The 5.3″ phone-tablet hybrid is a superphone for the brave-of-heart and not the small-of-hand. The fact that the overly-large phone is a challenge to use with just one hand led many to believe that it would be a niche device and would struggle to find a widespread user base.

Color them all tickled pink this morning, as Samsung has announced they have shipped a whopping 5 million Galaxy Notes across the world. Sure, this pales in comparison to the 20+ million Galaxy S II devices Sammy has amassed, but it easily makes the Galaxy Note one of the top-selling Android phones out there.

Samsung has only 5 million more Galaxy Note sales to go to reach the lofty 10 million goal it set for itself for 2012, and we actually think Samsung will be able to achieve this goal by the end of the year. Who out there has a Galaxy Note, or plans to pick one up when you’re up for an upgrade?

Via: BGR

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (translated)

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