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[Update: Nope] Google hires Kevin Rose to help with Android design?


Last week AllThingsD broke the story that Google was hiring most of the team from Milk, a startup founded by Kevin Rose that was working on iPhone apps. Milk’s first project was an app called Oink that let users rate items, but that service was shut down last week, likely because of the talks with Google.

Kevin Rose was the founder of Digg, and co-founder of Revision3 and Pownce. Some people speculated that Kevin Rose would help improve Google+, but he later revealed he was joining the Android team.

We still don’t know Kevin’s exact role on the Android team, but Matt Lynley of Business Insider thinks he will be helping with design. They learned that Google only hired the product team from Milk, while the engineers on the team were not offered jobs. Former Milk employee Amber Reyngoudt told Business Insider that Google was “looking to add design talent.”

I never had the chance to play with Oink, but some people described it as “easily one of the best-looking apps on the iPhone.” Check out the YouTube trailer below to get a feel of what it looked like.

We have been pretty happy with the latest changes in Android’s look, since Google hired Matias Duarte as Senior Director of Android User Experience. However, it’s still easy to point out some native Google apps that need updating, so maybe the Milk team can help with that.

What parts of Android do you think need design help?

Update: Google employee Dan Morrill confirms that Kevin Rose is working on Google+. It appears Business Insider read too much into their conversations with former Milk employees.

Source: Business Insider

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