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HTC One S brings Android 4.0 to T-Mobile on April 22


We just learned that the HTC One S is launching in Europe next Monday and now we find out it should be available in the US next month. David Beren of TmoNews reports that the HTC One S is coming to T-Mobile around April 22nd. The carrier previously announced they would release the phone in Q2, put up a registration page for more info, and showed off the device at SXSW in Austin, but this is the first time we have a rumored launch date.

The April 22nd date comes from an internal training document meant for employees, but we all know how product launches shift so it would be a week later. When it does finally arrives, the HTC One S will be the first new device that T-Mobile offers with Android 4.0.

Earlier this week, a video appeared on YouTube that shows off a HTC One S running T-Mobile software. This version doesn’t have the T-Mobile branding like the device that I played with, so it’s likely an older model.

From what we know the T-Mobile One S is pretty much finished and in the final stages of testing. We expect to receive an official announcement with release date and pricing in the coming weeks. Based on previous high-end phone launches on T-Mobile, we expect the HTC One S to debut around $199-249 with 2 year agreement.

If you need a new phone on T-Mobile, this is the One to get. For those that don’t mind waiting till the summer, you might want to hold out and see what makes the Samsung Galaxy S III special.

Update: New details indicate that the T-Mobile will launch the HTC One S on April 25th rather than April 22nd.

Source: TmoNews

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