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HTC One video overload: official commercial, One X stress test and hands-on overviews


The guys who brought up the HTC One X camera shootout have also uploaded a few hands-on videos of HTC’s new lineup, the official commercial for the HTC One X, and a stress test demonstration. We could go into detail and talk about the different videos, but it’s probably easier to let you sit back and watch them instead.

There’s been a little bit of HTC One overload today and we expect things to stay this way until after the launch of the HTC One series next week. As always, leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the videos. I was fascinated by the HTC One X camera shootout video, but it’s nice to know that the HTC One X can take a beating and still hold things together.

Via: HTC Source

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  • Raptor

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  • hinds

    I like the take a pic while playing a video feature! that’s fresh!

  • jon

    That’s a lot of pictures to delete…..

    • Nick Gray

      I believe there’s an option to save the whole batch or just the ones you want.

  • auronblue

    That is a very impressive device. I appreciate HTC’s attention to construction and that camera is definitely sweet.

  • Ardrid

    April/May can’t come soon enough for me. I’ve been patiently waiting to upgrade my Galaxy S and it looks like the HTC One X is going to be it. So long, Samsung!

  • B

    Hmmm…it’s going to be tough between this and the possibility of the GSIII

  • olimario

    I just want an HTC phone that can last a full day on a single charge. Why is that so hard to provide? G1 had a horrible battery. G2 had a horrible battery. This will probably be the same story.

    • Nick Gray

      don’t judge it until review come out. The new chips should make a big difference.

  • Zach

    My only complaint are the hardware buttons on an Android 4.0 device.

  • Joel

    I had a COMPLETELY different idea of a stress test – I’m thinking they’re running multiple flash heavy sites as well as downloading movies and playing a game at 60fps n blasting the music…nope,they’re running it thru a dryer.
    Still quite impressive tho

  • Angel

    I like what HTC is doing here. They are showing what their phone can do rather than just mock their competition like Samsung did in their ads. I think I might end up with this phone instead of the galaxy SIII. The samsung is over priced because of all of the hype anyway. I don’t want to pay for hype, I want to pay for a solid product, and this looks very solid. The camera features on this HTC I could see really using. So far I like what I see, well done HTC,

  • kwills88

    Depending on how the GS3 will be, I just might go back to HTC, love them for years, only complaint I’ve ever really had with them is battery life issues. This phone and it’s out of the box features are wow.

  • ehab

    I’m not sure if this is a good device or not… The GSIII is around the corner and now this. We’ll just have to wait, problems like heating and bad 3G/4G issues could arise in either one.

  • jspiby2

    I believe that the battery will last a whole day in the one x, since upgrading my sensation to android 4.0 and sense 3.6 my battery last all day now :-)

  • mustybooks

    I don’t think I will ever need to take video and photos simultaneously whilst skydiving.

    Why don’t mobile phone companies do practical adverts instead of ridiculous scenarios or negative advertisements on their competitors.

    It’s getting the way of perfume and car adverts…

  • Nathan D.

    Thinks for the hands in video, and also the phone turning out to be a heavy hitter

  • spazby

    lots of good phones are about to hit the market… plenty of choices, i like that