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Blame your carrier for poor battery life on Android phones

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Android software updates remind us of the NBA draft lottery system. You think a handful of teams have a good shot at winning the 1st round draft pick, but the results often surprise you.

When you hear that devices being upgraded from Android 2.x to Android 4.0.x are receiving a 66% performance boost and longer battery life, you get excited. “Wow, my phone might last an extra hour!”

Android 4.0 offers longer battery life.

But then you realize you don’t own the HTC Vivid, and your device will have to wait. People with unlocked phones started seeing an upgrade to Android 4.0.4 this week, which is a good sign that things are moving forward. However, around 95% of you still own a device with an operating system that was first introduced in 2010.

Carriers will tell you they are testing Android 4.0 and upgrades will be coming soon, and they are. A good portion of you with devices purchased in 2011 should see an update.

Verizon just announced 14 devices that will be upgraded to Android 4.0, AT&T named another 10 devices they were supporting, T-Mobile has it coming soon to multiple devices, and Sprint could sell their first Android 4.0 device as soon as April 15th.

So the good news is a large chunk of devices will eventually see a free boost in performance and longer battery life. And if you get tired of waiting, you can always buy a new phone (or just hack your old device).

Can't comment on software updates; Buy a new phone.

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