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Update: Second set of HTC One sample camera images fail to impress


It’s no secret that HTC is making a big deal about the HTC One and its image capture capabilities. If you watched HTC’s 45-minute unveiling of the HTC One at Mobile World Congress, it’s pretty clear that the new ImageSense technology and dedicated imaging chip inside all HTC One phones are the new features HTC is hoping will set their devices apart from the competition. Late last week we got to see HTC’s official sample picture captured by the HTC One, but now we’re getting a first look at real-world images taken by real people.

HTC’s Larry Meadows and Wyatt Lewin recently went for a sunrise hike up Camelback Mountain in Arizona and took the HTC One X along for the tip. While last week’s sample images were impressive, this second set of images from the HTC One are a little underwhelming. The color and vibrancy are gone and the detail in the images is missing.

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Anyone planning to buy an HTC One phone may feel a little disappointed to see that images not taken by a professional photographer with the HTC One don’t look much better than pictures any of us could capture with our current Android phones. However, we urge you to keep in mind that the pictures were all taken in a pretty dark environment before sunrise and in a shadow of a mountain. We hope HTC releases a few more pictures that will give us a better representation of what the HTC One X can do in everyday situations.

What do you think of the second set of images taken with the HTC One?

Update: HTC has just pushed out another blog post talking about the HTC One camera which included more sample pictures taken with the phone by a professional photographer in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. But since we all know that professionals take much better pictures than every day consumers, HTC took the phone out and let regular people (a couple XDA-Developers) use the phone for a few hours. According to them, the HTC One “makes my Nikon D80 at home look like trash.” High praise from two people who should have been smartphone owners for quite some time. Check out the video below.

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