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Help us find the next great Android app #thenextinstall


Our community loves Android apps and we love hunting for new up and comers that we can suggest. We already cover the most popular and top updated apps, but we thought it would be interesting to have a weekly column focused on underground apps that have less than 50k installs.

Can we pick a relatively unknown app and help boost their installs and exposure to new highs? That’s the challenge we are taking on with a new experiment I’m going to call #thenextinstall.

We polled some of readers and asked them to submit recommendations for Android apps that they thought had the potential to become hits. After reviewing all the submissions, we created the following list apps.

Browse over the new app suggestions and let us know if any of them make it onto your device.


Pitch: Forecast is a fun and simple way for friends to share where they’re going. Foursquare required.


Shake ‘n Rotate!

Pitch: Disable the auto-rotation with a shake!



Pitch: Warrantify is a free service that helps to scan, store and manage all your product warranties and receipts on the go.


Where was I?

Pitch: ‘Where Was I?’ is a new kind of location tracker that is designed to always run in the background with minimal impact on the battery.



Pitch: Your smartphone is no longer just for calls and navigation, it can save you from costly traffic tickets, gridlock and accidents.


Minimal Reader

Pitch: Meet Minimal Reader, the only customizable News *WIDGET* with a handy *Pop-Up* function.



Pitch: Want to know what restaurants are at the next interstate exit? Ask the RoadNinja.



Pitch: Cogs is a ground-breaking puzzle game where players build increasingly complex machines using sliding tiles in 2D and 3D environments.


What’s next? How can I participate?

Over the coming week, we will monitor all the apps and see which generate the most buzz. We will be watching the installs, download clicks, review scores, and more to see which app comes out on top. Next week we will name the winning app, and then put it up against nine new apps to repeat the process.

If you want to play along, then join the league of app addicts.

  • Join Android and Me and suggest new apps in our Threads.
  • Download AppAware and let it track your new app installs.
  • Share this post with a friend who has an Android device and ask them to try out one of the apps from the list.
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