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Story time! Back in October, at the Big Android BBQ, we dropped a box of tees featuring a re-imagined CyanogenMod mascot at the feet of Steve Kondik. Let me rephrase that. We attempted to drop a box of tees, but I’m not sure it actually hit the ground before it was snatched empty. Immediately we were met with reprint requests. That day has finally arrived.

Even longer ago, back in September, we asked our community to submit tee ideas as part of a contest. The winner not only scored a free Galaxy Tab, but would have his winning concept knocked out by illustrator-to-the-stars Ray Frenden. The result is Communitee, a badass full-chest print featuring a crowd of familiar robots.

Buy ThrowbackBuy Communitee

As always, these designs are discharge printed on American Apparel tees. Discharge is a type of screen printing where the ink actually replaces the tee’s color, rather than sit on top of it. The result is a ridiculously soft print, perfect for maximum comfort and durability (no cracking graphic after too many washes!).

These tees are available during a two-day pre-sale only period. The day after the sale, the tees will go into production in the exact numbers sold, creating a sealed edition. If you want to make absolutely sure you score either of these tees, you should buy them right now. You won’t be seeing them again anytime soon.

If you tweeted yesterday, you received a $1 off coupon code. If you didn’t get a chance to yet, you can still do so with the tweetbox below. Simply post a tweet to unlock your $1 coupon code:

In our old lives, before we were full-time phone nerds, we spent our time playing hip designer printing weird tees and trying to make cool products. We really wanted to thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to dip back into our old love of making actual things.

Get the tees now at get.androidandme.com

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