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Google picks Samsung for 4th generation Nexus phone


Now that Google has re-opened their online devices store, it appears the Nexus brand is here to stay. Google typically releases a new Nexus device every year, so speculation has already begun about who will produce the 4th generation Nexus phone.

According to Digitimes sources, Samsung has won the contract for Google’s next phone. They report, “Since Samsung has become the top vendor of Android smartphones, Google will continue to have Samsung develop its next-generation Nexus models, leveraging Samsung’s innovation ability with regard to the Android platform, and its ability to control the supply of key components.”

We anticipate that Google wants to launch their 4th gen Nexus in Q4 2012, so look for the device to be a spin-off of the Galaxy S III. Samsung is scheduled to unveil the next Galaxy on May 3rd, so we don’t have much longer to wait.

As always, I’m curious what you think about Google’s pick. Which handset maker would you choose to produce the next Nexus?

Source: Digitimes

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