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HTC One X, S users experiencing design problems with new handsets


Throughout all the hubbub of HTC’s introduction of their “One” series of devices, the Taiwan-based company has been relentlessly praised for two things: finally simplifying their product line and the bold design each One device features. The HTC One X sports a svelte modern plastic design while still maintaining a very high-end feel, and the One S boasts a ceramic housing unlike anything else on the market. Unfortunately, those design choices may come back to haunt HTC.

Recent reports from users all over the web show problems with the design of both the One X and One S.

In a video from CNET, you can clearly see screen discoloration when the the HTC One X is pressed near the edge of the display. There’s also some flex to the device that can cause accidental screen selections if held wrong. (Sound familiar)? The reporter from CNET who captured the discoloration issue on video says the problem has been present in four different One Xs that have been tested.

Pressing your finger against an LCD panel and experiencing discoloration isn’t a new phenomenon. If you were to do the same thing on your laptop display or LCD television, you’d experience the same results. But the issue being present in a touch screen device is a different story.

When questioned on the design problems with the One X, Daniel Hundt, creative director at One & Co, HTC’s design consultancy, said he “was not aware of that.” Adding that, “Maybe this is not a shipping build… [HTC] would never let that ship.”

The HTC One S is also a victim of design problems, this time concerning the ceramic housing of the device.

You may have seen the video explaining the procedure HTC goes through to obtain the ceramic coating on the black version of the One S. Apparently, the ceramic coating that forms over aluminum when charged with electricity is chipping off. Users from all over XDA and Facebook are reporting that even phones handled with care are chipping around the edges and around the USB port. There’s picture proof from multiple One S owners.

There’s a chance initial shipments may have just been a part of a bad batch of devices, but the theory floating around XDA (that when the aluminum body flexes, the ceramic shell chips off) sounds entirely possible as well. Either way, HTC released a statement about the frequent user complaints concerning the One S, saying that anyone unsatisfied should return their device within the allotted period.

The grey version of the One S isn’t experiencing the same problems because it doesn’t come with the ceramic coating.

Between the screen flex and display discoloration problems with the One X, and the problems users are experiencing with the One S, things aren’t all sunshine for HTC right now.

Have you gotten your hands on either one of HTC’s new One devices? Let us know if you’ve experienced any problems.

Source: The Verge

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