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HTC: Thin is in – No HTC One Maxx from us


When it comes to the future of mobile devices from HTC, thin is in. Over the course of the past year or so, HTC has been conducting market research to help them set their vision for the future. Results from HTC’s survey shows that consumers care more about thinness of the device than they do about battery life. As a result of the survey, HTC removed plans it had to release 3,000+ mAh battery-toting devices from their product roadmap.

Instead, beginning with the One series of devices, HTC is upping their focus on thin form factors, which generally shed user-replaceable batteries. None of HTC’s 2012 revealed smartphones to date have allowed users to remove the battery plate and replace the battery.

HTC will focus its battery life efforts on improvements in battery technology, and increase efforts on software enhancements that are geared at battery life, similar to what Motorola has done with its Smart Actions program. Motorola’s Smart Actions have greatly improved the battery life on the OG Droid RAZR, making it the first LTE smartphone we’ve tested with an 8+ hour battery. Hopefully

Whether or not HTC’s focus on form factor over battery life will get them back in the game remains to be seen. As we move more and more into LTE-territory, battery life becomes much more important. Most devices out there that run on the super fast LTE networks barely make it through a full work day without needing to be plugged in. Fortunately, the HTC One series offers some of the best battery life we’ve seen in a while, so HTC is clearly taking steps in the right direction.

What do you guys think? Do you value thinness and form factor over battery life, or would you accept a slightly thicker device that provided 24 hours of battery life?

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Source: The Verge

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