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Mobile related April Fools jokes


Still pissed your phone doesn’t have Android 4.0? Maybe these funny April Fools’ Day videos will cheer you up. Check out the 10 videos after the jump and let us know if you find any more jokes to add to the list.

Google Maps goes 8-bit

Source: +Google Maps

Double your productivity with Gmail Tap

Source: Gmail

Google brings self-driving cars to NASCAR

Source: Google Blog

Browse the web with two mice with Chrome Multitask Mode

Source: Chrome

YouTube goes offline with The YouTube Collection

Source: TheYouTubeCollection

Nutrients travel instantaneously to any organ with Google Fiber

Source: Google Fiber

Gmail Motion offers a new way to communicate

Source: Gmail

Toshiba reveals three new tablet shapes

Source: YouTube

Toshiba announces one-eyed 3D technology

Source: Toshiba

Sony unveils world’s smallest ultrabook

Source: Sony

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