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Samsung releases first teaser video for the next Galaxy, makes fun of iSheep


As expected, Samsung opened up thenextgalaxy.com early this morning, and released the first teaser video for the upcoming Galaxy. In the short one minute clip we see the message, “Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life. Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand. Your view of the world grows even wider. As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly. With technology that fits in this easily, you can now stand out from everyone else.”

No real facts about the product are included, but we can speculate on some of the details from the text. The line “a galaxy fits perfectly into your hands [and] your view of the world grows even wider” hints at the edge-to-edge display that has been rumored. “As you gain the power to explore freely and swiftly” could hint at the all day battery life life that Samsung has been talking up.

At the end of the video we see a herd of sheep, which is clearly another dig at Apple. Samsung previously had a campaign making fun of Apple fans waiting in line for the next iPhone, which was not received very well, so it’s surprising to see them use that tactic again.

Check out the full teaser video below and let us know what you think. Then be sure to head over to thenextgalaxy.com and register for more updates. Can you find any other hidden clues that we missed?

Source: Thenextgalaxy.com

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