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Samsung says they had nothing to do with “Wake Up” flash mob


Yesterday we shared a story that said Samsung was behind a series of “Wake Up” flash mobs in front of Apple stores, which was met with a lot of negative comments. Now the company has released a statement which says they knew nothing of the events.

“Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up’ Campaign,” said a company representative to Slashgear.

Many of us believed the initial reports that Samsung was behind the campaign, because they have a long history of taunting Apple customers. Just recently, they released a teaser video for the next Galaxy that showed a herd of sheep and said, “You can now stand out from everyone else.” Samsung also had a series of ads making fun of Apple fans waiting in line for the next iPhone.

If Samsung is not behind the campaign, that makes us wonder who else wants to make fun of Apple. The site Wake Up Australia is still live and has a countdown that ends on May 6th. That domain is registered to an Australian marketing company called Tongue, that has done previous work for Vodafone in the past.

Vodafone Australia actually sells the iPhone and iPad, so we doubt they are behind these anti-Apple flash mobs.

The mystery should be unraveled by next week, but let us know who you think is behind the “Wake Up” campaign in the comments below.

Via: Slashgear

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