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Meizu MX Quad-core hints at Galaxy S III specs?


Today Meizu announced that their MX Quad-core phone was coming to Mainland China and Hong Kong in June. We normally don’t cover too many Asia-only phones, but Meizu is boasting that this device is the first smartphone in the world to use Samsung’s brand new quad-core Exynos 4412 processor.

We find this detail rather interesting because multiple rumors have suggested that Samsung would use the same quad-core Exynos 4412 in their Galaxy S III phone. What are the odds that Samsung would let Meizu use this quad-core Exynos, if it were to also be featured in Samsung’s upcoming flagship device?

Another option for Samsung, that is looking more likely by the day, is the inclusion of their latest dual-core Exynos 5250, based on the newer ARM Cortex-A15 CPU core and using the faster Mali-T604 GPU. We already covered this part in depth last month, where we discovered that Samsung has two versions available. There is a higher-clocked 2 GHz model for tablets, and a more power efficient 1.7 GHz model for smartphones.

In a previous rumor report we said the chances of Samsung going with the newer Exynos 5250 in the Galaxy S III were about 50%, but with all the recent news I’d bump that up to about 90%. Samsung started sampling the Exynos 5250 last year, showed off prototype devices at CES in January, and said it would hit volume production in Q2.

We also now know that Samsung’s 32nm High-K Metal Gate (HK/MG) low-power process technology, that the Exynos 5250 is made with, is mature since the refreshed iPad 2 and Apple TV 3 are already using it.

Samsung will finally unveil the next Galaxy phone in London only 17 days from now, so we won’t have to wait much longer. As things stand today, it appears Samsung will have the first smartphone in the world to use ARM’s Cortex-A15 CPU core, which is pretty damn cool if you are a processor nerd like me.

Very simply, this is a big deal because we only see a new mobile CPU architecture released every 2-3 years. ARM has described the next-generation A15 by saying, “It’s like taking a desktop and putting it in your pocket.”

The average consumer doesn’t care what processor is inside their phone, so it will be interesting to see what kinds of new experiences this raw horsepower can deliver.

Source: Meizu

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