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Select Google Play users can now buy apps, music, movies, and books by carrier billing


Google has allowed carrier billing as a payment option for Android apps since 2009, but this week they expanded this service to include all types of digital content on the Google Play Store. Select customers can now purchase apps, music, movies, and books, by charging them directly to their monthly carrier bill.

T-Mobile appears to be the first US carrier to fully support all types of digital content, but we should expect to see similar options on Sprint (and hopefully AT&T). Google also specifically mentions that DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank customers can now purchase all types of content.

Google Play currently provides direct carrier billing options in the countries listed below:

  • Germany: T-Mobile International, Vodafone
  • Italy: Vodafone
  • Japan: DoCoMo, KDDI, Softbank
  • Korea: KT, SKT, LGU+
  • Spain: Vodafone
  • UK: T-Mobile International, Vodafone
  • US: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

It’s nice to see more payment options available, but we are still waiting on Google to support gift cards. I buy apps and other types of content all the time, and I’d spend a lot more if I could buy digital goods and share them with my friends and family.

Source: +Google Play

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