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More chances to win a Tegra 3 device to properly relive your childhood love of Sonic, you say? Well, alright then! We’ve had a blast giving away an ASUS Transformer Prime, an Acer Iconia Tab A510 and an HTC One X in honor of the release of Sonic 4 Episode II. And yes, we’re not stopping – this week we’re offering up a chance to own a Toshiba Excite 10. Keep reading for details on how to win!

The Trailer

The Download

Sonic 4 Episode II is available as a paid title for $6.99 and a lite version is free to install.



The Game

The Sonic 4 saga continues with Sonic’s beloved sidekick, Miles “Tails” Power. Players can now experience the Sonic 4 saga as never before with the addition of a brand new engine; bringing you gameplay with updated physics and HD graphics.

“Sonic 4 Episode II is very special because we’ve integrated community feedback into the game,” said Haruki Satomi, Senior Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. “We have some of the most loyal and dedicated fans and I hope they enjoy this next chapter in the Sonic 4 saga.”

For the first time Android gamers can enjoy an experience that is nearly identical to the PS3 and XBox versions, and it comes at half the price. Players with Tegra 3 devices like the HTC One X or ASUS Transformer Prime will enjoy higher quality textures, better lighting and glow effects, and objects on screen that are absent from other mobile versions.

Episode 2 also features a collaborative multiplayer mode where players can team up with a friend via Bluetooth and take control of Sonic and Tails as they battle against Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic.

We just installed the game on our devices, so look for our full review in the coming weeks.

Release dates:

  • May 15: PS3, Playstation Network, PC digital download via Steam
  • May 16: TegraZone, Xbox Live Arcade
  • May 17: iTunes App Store
  • June: Google Play Store (non-Tegra devices)
  • July: Xbox Live on Windows Phone


  • PS3 and Steam: $14.99
  • Android, iOS: $6.99
  • Xbox Live Arcade: 1200 points

Episode Metal bonus pack:

Players who have Episodes I and II installed on the same device will gain access to a new bonus pack called “Episode Metal.” This unlockable story will feature a playable Metal Sonic, four exclusive levels, and allow players to discover the rebirth of Metal Sonic and learn more about how he survived the events at the end of Sonic CD. If you missed the first episode, grab it from the link below.


Benefits of Tegra 3

Tegra 3 offers gamers the most technically advanced mobile version.

  • The Tegra 3 version of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II is the most technically advanced mobile version of the game, a near mirror-image of the full-blown PS3 and Xbox versions of the game.
  • In fact, by enjoying a game with a gamepad (either with wired or Bluetooth controllers) and outputting the device to an television via HDMI, it’s the CLOSEST to the actual console experience you’ll get on a mobile device…. All with fast frame rates.
  • Sonic on Tegra 3 has dramatically higher quality textures, better lighting and glow effects, and objects on screen that are absent from other mobile versions.

Non-Tegra vs Tegra 3 version of Sonic 4.

The Contest — Win a Toshiba Excite 10 (AT305) Tablet

Delivering more performance, sleek durability and more essential ports and features than the average Android tablet, the Toshiba Excite 10 Tablet is an all-around tablet designed for home and on-the-go use. It features a bright, high definition 10.1-inch LED backlit display with 10-finger multi-touch support, making it an ideal choice for web browsing, reading, games and apps. And it’s powered by a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with GeForce graphics and 1 GB of RAM, opening up the possibilities for both everyday computing and mobile gaming.

How to Enter

Sonic is a character who is “like the wind” and he is often impatient with slower things. Send us a picture of you and your slow phone, with this post loaded in the browser, and you will be entered to win the super-fast Toshiba Excite 10 tablet. You can upload the pic anywhere you like, but just be sure to include the link to the photo in the comments below.

We normally allow anonymous comments, but for this contest you will need to be a registered user to leave a comment. Not signed up? It only takes seconds to join.

Multiple chances to win: Today marks the second-to-last chance to win a Tegra 3 powered device, so be on the lookout next week as well. Sega also provided us with some limited edition action figures and comics to give away, so there will be more chances to win some loot.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of any country. Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, June 6th. We’ll announce the winner on this page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Glenbot3000 for winning the contest!

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  1. Talk about slow. I’m still using my Droid Incredible. It’s a good phone, don’t get me wrong, but definitely time for an upgrade. An excite tab would definitely be of good use to me :D.

  2. I could have posed with my HTC TyTN, but it hasn’t been charged in years. Neither has my Sony Ericsson T630, which can still turn on, but it has no WiFi… meh… the Nexus S is slow enough. #multitaskingwithasinglecoresucks

    (Bonus points for the cookie-cutter 60′s Picasa filter? :p)

  3. I want to play a portable Sonic that looks identical to the Console version. Here’s me with my Slow Phone….

  4. My LG Optimus V is too slow for Sonic! Help me out!!

  5. Well, here’s my photo. Still, it’s not that slow, but of course not EXCITE fast, hahaha…
    From Me and My Phone

  6. slow and steady does not win the race :(

  7. I have a need for speed!!!

  8. You can see how extremely happy I am using the DroidX (not X2). Please help me go faster. I am soooo tired……

  9. My phone technically isn’t very slow, but the broken glass is definitely slowing me down. I need that tablet! It would be much more finger friendly. Do I get bonus points for my Toshiba laptop? lol

  10. My phone isn’t bad, a Razr but I live in very poor cell service area and my home wifi is 300K.

  11. HTC aria… slower then watching footage of a snail on a high speed camera

  12. Not slow but maybe compared to a Tegra 3. Took the picture on my old slow DX though. I don’t own a tablet though I would love to have one… Wink wink ;-)

  13. It took me 20mins to get this turned on and go onto the Web, my G1 so old my screen doesn’t react to me touching it, had to use the trackball for everything.

  14. Need some speed. the droid x use to, now it doesn’t cut it anymore. send some sonic speed to me please!

  15. A little help please? I need a faster device for gaming!

  16. Here is a picture of my phone taken by my Looxcie cam as video and then turned into a picture. It is a really bad quality but I don’t have a camera except for my phone.

  17. Sad panda wants Sonic and something to play it on.


  18. I definitely have a need for speed!


    I honestly tried to load the page in the browser. I waited 5 minutes and then decided to take the picture as is anyway. T-mobile Blackberry Pearl Flip. I NEED more speed. And yes, I was even on wifi.

    • Also, this IS my current phone. Not just some old POS I pulled out of the closet.

  20. I really need some speed, I’m rocking GPRS speeds on this bad boy.

  21. Yup, still using an E72. Just waiting for the GS3 to come out on T-Mobile to finally get my first real smartphone.

  22. [img][/img]

    just woke p and checking android and me with my breakfast and messy hair . . nah whatever just use my other foto. . . coz my phone cant even load an mp3 -,-

  23. nice spikes ;)

  24. my gn isn’t slow but with all the new EXCITE-ing things coming, I wouldn’t mind something new to play with ;D

  25. sorry i can’t post myself and the phone as i don’t have any other cam :( this is a screenshot on my galaxy SL

    Really need something speedy to run Ice Cream Sandwich on, the Desire Z isn’t holding up that well.

  27. [img][/img]


  28. Can’t go much slower than this one on Android:

  29. great game, the problem i have on my one x, is heat, after 38mins play time, my X started with the twin red/green led (the im getting too hot sign) i picked it up (was playng via Wii remote, and it was red hot.


    Can’t get much slower then a citrus.especially when compared to a xoom.

  31. too bad i bricked mine few days ago :D

  32. Does slow iCrap count? Lol.
    iPad 1 and iPhone 4 (not the S). Help a brother out get a real (android) tablet! My android phone is decent (Photon), but my iPad has to go!

  33. Here is a pic of my slow HTC Hero taken with my even slower work assigned Blackberry.

  34. This is actually slow as hell. I had take the photo even if the page was not still loaded after 60 seconds.

    my sweet 2 year old Evo with extended battery….

  36. Took sime time, but got it loaded on my X10…

  37. The mobile version of your site shows up awesome on this phone…


    my my optimus one , seriously need an update , being a student cant afford one :D

  39. I dunno, I might have everyone beat —


    Mine is a Galaxy Europa or Galaxy 5.

    I’m happy with it, but it’s too slow and 320×240 screen don’t help me this much when reading the web.

    If I win the Excite 10 it’d be perfect, fast and beautiful screen ;D

  41. I dug up the slowest phone I ever used and I still own (my Nokia 6600 – the old one, released in 2003. I had quite a few laughs with people complaining about their slow Galaxy S, Nexus One and so on :)) My Nokia 6600 is so slow, it doesn’t even have WiFi, I wouldn’t use it to load any webpages and it won’t even turn on :D (maybe I’ll manage to charge it eventually).

  42. My venerable G1! Right after this picture was taken the phone crashed and rebooted itself.


    My faithful of a phone the Legend (HTC)!

    I spent days rooting it, it’s running constantly over-clocked, but it’s still too slow.

    I need more speed, speed me up!!

    (ps, if you look you should be able to see the Android robot peeking from behind my monitor).

  44. I title this one, “Forever Waiting” =p

    It’s a pretty small GIF.

  45. Beatches plz:

    This is the slowest one.

  46. [img][/img]

  47. It would EXCITE me EVERYDAY!!!

  48. would love to get my paws on that tablet :)

  49. It almost didn’t load =(

  50. Somehow it manages to lag on this generic OS. Lol

  51. That’s a really slow phone, need some strong upgrade :)

  52. Well, since you are asking for someone with ultra slow phone, then here is my current phone.
    It REALLY is current my phone. I have no other phone. I can only play block breaker on my phone, and I do need speed :(
    I am now saving up my money to buy android phone, and it would be awesome if I get this EXCITING Toshiba Excite 10.

    Enjoy my Sony Ericsson J105i

    *I took this photo using my laptop’s webcam so it is a bit blurry.

  53. Speed shouldn’t be toyed with
    And the Excite is full of it
    It needs someone to handle it
    Because my Rezound isn’t cutting it


    Slowest phone in the woooorld.

  55. This is what I’ve come up with :

    In case it won’t be taken in consideration because it’s an animated gif, ignore the above link and look just at this one:

  56. my g’zone can take a beating, but it definitely isn’t much for playing games.

  57. here’s me, my Droid X, and my Boston Terrier :-)

    Ok idk if this counts but I have 2 phones, and this one is REALLLY slow!…its an old Cingular Blackberry phone which still works btw

    ALSO as an added bonus (not to win but for others to enjoy), I did a vocal soundtrack of every song track in Sonic Generations…check it out!

  59. *Scratch my last one! this is my entry**

    Ok idk if this counts but I have 2 phones, and this one is REALLLY slow! iPhone 3G dun dun duuuuuun….Also the fact that I am not much a fan of iOS and use my other phone more often

    ALSO as an added bonus (not to win but for others to enjoy), I did a vocal soundtrack of every song track in Sonic Generations…check it out!


    A hand-me-down iPhone 3G. Not even an Android phone. The screen is busted, there’s no data plan, and it literally took about two minutes to load the page. Apple’s got me by the balls! I need to get out of this vicious cycle! Help me Android and Me, you’re my only hope.

  61. Nice phone but still a little slow nowadays…

  62. Here is a photo of me and my girlfriend at the opera dressed in black tie in front of the TARDIS holding a partly-functioning LG Optimus 2X.


    If sonic was using an OG Droid I think he would feel Much like I do in this Photo.

  64. Well, a staged photo (but not far from reality) of me waiting for an app to load on my old Captivate. Plus it’s another chance to show of my first born!

  65. My phone can’t even view this website. Do I win?

    In an ironic twist, I legally changed my name to Jonic 11 years ago because I’m a big Sonic fan. You’d think I’d have this speediness thing figured out by now.

  66. Not particularly slow, but I’d still love to try out the tablet!

  67., cheap tablet, bad quality, and slow

  68. My phone is HTC HD2 with ICS ROM.
    It’s pretty slow and getting very outdated. The worst part is the battery is really bad. Since I use it as a tablet, twitter, blogging, participating at forums and discussions, browsing, it lasts only 4-5 hours. Even with a light use I can’t get 12 hours out of it. This is getting very frustrating. And I can’t afford a new phone.
    Pure ICS tablet with Tegra 3 will really excite and make my hobby easier for me.
    And I’m like the Sonic I can’t stand slow things.
    Thank you Android and Me for providing us with such a chance.
    Here’s the picture.

  69. Here is my phone that so slow in terms of browsing speed, honestly it took 2-3 minutes to fully load this page. I have no tablet since then, so if i win this Toshiba tablet it would be my first i mean very very first tablet. Thank You! hehe. \m/

  70. Me and My Android – LG Optimus One :)

  71. My phone is getting pretty old now… I’m overdue for an upgrade!

  72. My sluggish mobile phone, LG GT505 :]

  73. Original Galaxy S… ugh. I could use some speed in my life.

  74. Sonic just begs to be played on that wonderful device! 10.1 inches of sonic speed…cool…

  75. Here’s mine. Hoping to get lucky..

  76. I don’t actually complain about my HTC Desire, which my boyfriend bought me. But I do complain about the ROM size as I can’t install as many applications as I want. The tablet could be an awesome gift from Android and Me for our wedding in July!
    Here is the picture of my HTC Desire

  77. My slow Samsung intercept phone loading this page! It becomes even slower after I install a few applications eventhough I keep most of the applications in the sd card.

  78. The Thunderbolt no longer is the fastest of the pack in any category…

  79. Me and my nokia 6600/20
    Shock it still works
    And me loading up this page. Not much to look at to be honest

  80. My now 3 yr old DROID the first dinosaur outside of the G1 which I also have in my drawer… (It sadly was lent to a friend that has zero ability to do anything right… and he dropped it and dropped it… and well its DEAD.).

    My lovely DROID took about 3 minutes to load the page, froze, rebooted (its called the Rebooter) on Play. HAHAHA… but I got it up.

    Needless to say I would greatly appreciate the tablet, as this phone just can not handle… oh well.

  81. sorry my comment was a reply to someone elses comment. Me with my Galaxy S2. Hey the S3 is out now in my country, so the S2 is old news! haha

    there we go :)

  82. Toshiba Sonic 10 @androidandme

  83. small screen, slow speed, not android, help?

  84. 6 JUUUNEE!

    Let’s see the winneeer!

  85. my old Nokia phone,and its newer buddy :D *spot the fail*

  86. I guess I could have used my touch pro2 but as I only use it for the dictionaries installed on it I thought that’d kind of be like cheating. So here’s my slow phone (compared to the new gen at least) and me so that I can come in under the wisre…

    I would soo love that excite…

  87. Do we have a winner?

  88. I took the picture a few days before the deadline, but was unable to post it: