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Android 4 now on 5% of Android devices, Gingerbread still dominant


No longer the platform of the 1%, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now found on nearly 5% (4.9%) of Android devices, according to the latest Android Platform Versions Chart. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is still found on the most devices by far, with 64.4% of Android devices running the previous version of Android. These charts are based on the number of devices that have accessed the Google Play Store over the past 14 days, giving a fairly good estimate of the breakdown of devices in the general population.

Still, with Ice Cream Sandwich now six months old, and Jelly Bean set to be unveiled later this year, we’re a bit disappointed that Android 4 is not available on more devices. The update to Android 4 is the greatest improvement yet in the Android OS, meaning it has taken OEMs significantly longer to push out updates to their devices.

With an update for the best selling Android device, the Galaxy S II, hitting the airwaves around the world recently (coming soon to the U.S.), we should see this number creep up and break the 10% mark shortly. Are you one of the lucky 5% to be on the latest and greatest version of Android? One of the 0.3% still on Cupcake?!

Source: Android Developer Site

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