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ASUS Computex teasers hint at dual-booting Transformer


ASUS is having some fun with us in gearing up for Computex and has now released three teaser videos which when taken together lead us to believe that they are going to be unveiling a new Transformer which can dual-boot or at least run Windows 8 and Android.

The first video, “The Incredible Transformations,”  was released a couple days ago and told us to not get set into one form and that the cloud is ever changing. It then flashes the outline of what looks like a Transformer device with the dock below it.

So that wasn’t terribly informative, but this morning ASUS has added two more teaser videos and while they are still quite nebulous the first of these new videos does offer a bit more information as at the very end you see a drop of water splitting in two with the Windows 8 logo on one and the Android logo on the other.

For the sake of completeness I’ll include the final video, but it doesn’t really tell us anything more other than maintaining the theme of two things coming together as it shows a board with “Tai” on one side and “Chi” on the other. It then spins until the words appear to be next to each other.

Now how exactly this would be implemented is of course left completely unanswered by the videos. It could be a true dual-boot with users opting to use Windows 8 or Android as they start the device or they could use something like BlueStacks to run Android on Windows. It also leaves open the question of whether we are talking about Windows 8 proper or the horrifically named Windows RT.

ASUS hits the stage on June 4th at Computex so we’ll have all the answers soon enough.

I know we have a fair number of ASUS Transformer fans so would you like a little Windows 8 with your Android next time around?

Source: ASUS Iberica Youtube

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