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Jury rules in favor of Google in the Oracle patent trial

Oracle vs. Google

The jury has ruled that Google did not infringe on Oracle’s patents in what has been referred to by the presiding Judge as the “World Series of Intellectual Property cases.”

The potential ramifications of an Oracle win in this case were dire in the eyes of many Java developers, so this news will likely be celebrated by many outside the Android community as well.

While the jury’s ruling precludes Google paying any damages on this part of the claim this does still leave the other question which the Judge took off the table for the jury and that is whether the Java APIs that Google used can be copyrighted at all. Google and Oracle will be submitting briefs to the Judge on that question today, but there is no timeline for the Judge to make a ruling on that question at the moment.

This is certainly a great day for Google’s legal team, but in all likelihood we will see this decision appealed so it’s not quite time to break out the champagne yet.

Via: The Verge

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